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Twins DNA Test

Identical, or Non-Identical Twins?

What is a Twins Test?

Twins can be conceived in one of two ways:

  • Through a double fertilization, involving 2 egg cells that are fertilized by 2 sperm cells. Genetically, these children are on a same par as ordinary brothers and/or sisters from separate pregnancies. They are called non-identical, dizygotic, biovular or fraternal twins.
  • A different situation occurs if, early after fertilization the (precursor of the) embryo, conceived from a single egg cell, splits in two, giving rise to 2 individuals. Genetically, these children are completely identical (and hence of the same gender). They are called identical or monozygotic twins.

A simple DNA-test can unequivocally determine which of these hypotheses is true. We call this DNA test the Twins Test.

How do I have my Twins tested?

It is simple enough to collect the DNA samples yourself. No need to take a blood sample. (DNA testing for identification purposes is not a medical procedure**). It suffices to use a cotton swab to rub vigorously for a few seconds on the inner side of the cheek and under the tongue, thereby collecting saliva with cells.

(**) Some care is needed, however, to obtain uncontaminated samples, e.g., do not do this immediately after a meal, wrap the samples so they remain separate and allow samples to dry quickly.

It is best to order our free DNA collection kit for the Twins Test. It contains all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions.

Order free DNA Collection Kit


Alternatively, one can make an appointment to have the samples from the twins collected at our lab.

How much does the Twins Test cost?

€299, everything included!

In case a paternity test involves twins, we will report the results of the twins test for free.

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