DNA Identification and Consanguinity Analysis
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In Belgium, privacy and the interests of the child are protected by law. Life-ID adheres to Belgian law and obeys it strictly.


We do not relate DNA profiles to identities, unless we have explicit written authorisation to do so from the people concerned. DNA-samples are known by sample number only, and are removed from our records after completion of the analysis.

It is up to our customers to take up responsibility concerning the origin of the samples they provide for analysis, and the processing of analysis results.
In that respect Belgian customers have to take into account that the processing of identity information must be justified as prescribed by the Privacy Protection Act dated December 8, 1992.

The interests of the child 

For cosanguinity analysis we ask the explicit written consent of every person involved, and in case a minor is involved, the explicit written consent of all legal custodians, who act in the interest of the minor.

Medical data 

DNA-identification is not a diagnostic analysis. The results have no implications concerning the health or medical condition of the tested individuals.

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