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DNA Grandparent Test

DNA Paternity Test via Biological Grandparenthood

When is this test useful, what information can be gained?

If doubt exists concerning the biological fatherhood of a person (V) who is, for any reason, not available for DNA sampling, then we offer an alternative where the DNA profiles of the child (K), the mother (M) and both parents (GV and GM) of the putative father V are compared.

This comparison wil show whether GM and GV are the biological grandparents of the child. Obviously, there should be absolute certainty that these persons are the biological parents of the putative father (V). 

This test is useful if the putative father is deceased, has disappeared, or is not available for any other reason, to deliver a DNA sample in order to determine his DNA profile.

Which persons should participate in this test?

It is advisable that 4 persons participate in this test: DNA is needed from both parents of the putative father and from the mother and child. A DNA sample from the mother is not strictly necessary, but highly preferable because this will substatially increase the discriminative power of the results. The child may be male of female.

Example: Grandparent Test, (based on DNA from the mother, child and paternal grandparents) with 2 hypotheses:
A son from the tested couple of grandparents is the biological father An unrelated man is the biological father

Other hypotheses are possible, e.g., with extra tested and/or related/unrelated participants.

There are three ways to order a DNA paternity test: Read more...

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What can I expect from the analysis report?

The report describes the samples that were analysed (what kind of samples, the date samples were taken, and, optionally (for legal purposes), the names, birth places and birth dates of the participants.

The conclusion of the DNA test is based on the likelihoods of the hypotheses and includes a list of the DNA profiles from the participants.

It also summarizes the criteria that are satisfied to have reliable DNA samples (e.g., every sample should lead to a pure and unique DNA profile from a single person; the genders of the participants are confirmed).

The report further confirms whether the mother, if she participated in the test, is indeed the biological mother of the child.

The report indicates whether the grandparents that were tested can have a child that satisfies biological parenthood w.r.t. the child tested. (Negative = The couple can't have a child that is the father of the child tested; Positive = The couple can have a child that is the biological father of the child tested).

In case of a positive result, we provide the statistical chance that the conclusion is not false positive, which we also express as a percentage (typically in the range 99.9% to  99.999%, depending on the DNA samples at hand).

How much does the Grandparent test cost?

€499 for DNA samples collected by the participants (click here to order the DNA collection kit --including instructions and application form)
€950 for DNA collection at our lab with verified identities (click here to make an appointment)

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