DNA Identification and Consanguinity Analysis
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DNA Identification

Human Identification
Forensic DNA Investigation

We test sixteen or more DNA markers

The DNA profiles that are used for consanguinity analysis can also serve to verify a person's identity (in fact with even higher reliability).

A person can be identified on the basis of the genetic markers in his/her DNA profile. If two DNA profiles are found to match exactly, then it can be concluded with great certainty that they come from the same person. The more markers are analysed, the greater the reliability. In the test report we quantify the likelihoods of the hypotheses (e.g., same person vs. unrelated individuals). Other situations can be envisaged, such as identifying a person on the basis of known relatives.

De reliability associated with DNA identification is several orders of magnitude higher than for DNA relationship analysis, because for every marker both homolog chromosomes take part in the comparison, i.e., in the determination whether they come from the same person. Even the comparison with DNA from a related person still yields excellent discrimination.

Professional Assistance

Call us or mail ons your specific questions. We tend to quickly attend to your inquiries. Our guidance extends from initial advice on the feasibility and discriminative power of the DNA analysis, to which hypotheses should be reasonably considered, to what the test will cost, and to the interpretation of the analysis results.

Quick Results

Usually the results are known within 2 weeks after receipt of the DNA samples, but we can't guarantee a precise duration of the analysis.

Our express service ("48h") can provide results within two working days.

Pricing for DNA Identification

€199 (everything included) for the first DNA profile, €100 for every additional profile.

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