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The DNA Sibship Test

An often requested DNA test aims to determine whether a number of children share 

  • the same father and mother (full sibship)
  • one common parent only (half sibship)

When only two children are involved, we also require a DNA sample from the known common parent.

With 3 or more children, reliable results can often be obtained without testing the common parent.

If the common parent turns out to be unavailable, aditional DNA markers (loci) can be included in the analysis, or further techniques can supplement the analysis.

We are equipped to deal with quite complex situations involving many children, and multiple hypotheses concerning putative parents. Contact us for more information regarding the feasibility (e.g., which persons to test) and discriminative power of tests relevant to your particular case.

Example: Full sibship vs half sibship (based on DNA from the mother and 2 children):
Fulll shibship Half shibship

This DNA-testOrder the DNA collection kit costs €399. Or €850 for DNA collection in the lab with certified identity of all participantsMake appointment.

Other or additional test variants and hypotheses are conceivable, e.g., with 3 children and possibly unavailable DNA from the mother: in this case there are 5 hypotheses, namely: (i) there is 1 common father; (ii) 3 cases with 2 unrelated fathers; (iii) there are 3 unrelated fathers.

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