DNA Identification and Consanguinity Analysis
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Make an appointment for DNA Collection in our Lab.

You prefer to have the DNA samples from the participants taken at our lab. We also verify and certify the identity of the participants.

Find more details here on the purpose, benefits and legal context of collecting DNA samples with certified identification.

Contact us :

Don't forget to mention the following information :

  • Kind of test (+ the participants, e.g., father, child, mother, extra children);
  • Describe in what ways these participants and other non-tested persons may be related (the possible "hypotheses" -- e.g., could an uncle be the biological father);
  • Time(s) that you will be available to visit our laboratory;
  • How we can reach you with a response (preferably a telephone number, and/or an e-mail address).

Have a look at our about page for directions.

When you visit us, you will fill out the analysis application form, we will take DNA samples from all the participants, and for a legal test, we will verify all identities concerned. You can pay on the spot (sorry, we don't take debet/credit cards yet), provide proof of payment or we can give you a bank transfer form.
We will proceed with the DNA analysis after receipt of the payment.

For the data collection we need:

  • all participants to be present (we can't certify the identity of DNA samples that were taken at home)
  • a valid (photo)-ID, such as an identity card, passport.


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