DNA Identification and Consanguinity Analysis
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Cookies and Privacy

This site is based on a CMS, courtesy of GetSimple, which uses cookies for its internal operation, not for user tracking.

On some of our pages, we make use of Statcounter  to monitor new and returning visitor counts and device characteristics, so we can improve the formatting of our web pages, if necessary.

We keep the inquiry and test forms sent to our site for a reasonable time. They are like e-mails in that they contain the visitor's IP address. For request forms that contain questionable or incomplete address data, IP-derived address location sometimes allows further clarification (accuracy: nearest  city).

We will never share any kind of visitor/customer information with third parties.

The client contact info in the inquiry and DNA test order forms are solely used to answer client questions and to send analysis results, according to the client's wishes. We will never contact clients in an unsolicited manner. We also do not maintain a customer database.

Our computer backups are protected by encryption. In case of restoration of backups, prior client requests for information removal will be honored automatically.

We specifically do not use cookies, third party links or any other techniques for the benefit of social media or advertising sites.

The analysis results are only communicated with the customer. On-line consultation of the analysis report will not display identification data of the participants. These are included in the reports that are sent out by mail. For security reasons, we store customer info and test results separately. Inquiry, order forms and status pages (with on-line test results) are removed after a reasonable time. Given proper identification, clients may request earlier removal of these data.

We keep DNA-profiles and analysis reports, unless the client explicity asks for removal, insofar removal is not prevented by law.

More details on the principles guiding our privacy policy, concerning the protection of DNA analysis results, may be found here.

This site only uses cookies for proper operation and for limited traffic analysis. By continuing, you accept our privacy precautions.
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