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The DNA Paternity Test

The DNA-Paternity test aims to determine biological paternity with high accuracy. There are usually two participants: the possible father and the child. The mother can participate as well, typically increasing the accuracy of a positive test result from 99.99% to 99.9999 %. A negative result is almost always 100% certain.

When the tested man, who is the putative father of a child, carries the paternal allele of the child for every genetic marker, then paternity is confirmed, and the conclusion is positive. The accuracy of this conclusion is given as a percentage that reflects the weight of the genetic data in favor of the hypothesis of paternity relative to the hypothesis of non-relatedness. When, on the other hand, the tested man does not carry the paternal allele of the child, and this is confirmed several times, paternity is excluded and this man can not be the father of that child.

There are three ways to order a DNA paternity test: Read more...

The DNA markers that are used in relationship testing and identification are not well-suited to obtain information on external characteristics or medical condition of the participants.

Example: Paternity test (using DNA from child and putative father) with 2 hypotheses:
The tested man is the biological father An unrelated, untested man is the father

Other or additional hypotheses are possible, e.g., with the mother contributing DNA as well.


A maternity test is a DNA analysis that determines biological motherhood with high accuracy. Maternity testing is mostly done for immigration purposes (or other situations of family reunification, e.g., following adoption), when it is necessary to provide evidence to establish a family link with a national resident. Call us to make an appointment for sampling with documented identification. The maternity test is analogous to the paternity test, and the procedures for requesting an analysis are identical. A sampling kit is also available for informative maternity testing.

The regular DNA paternity testOrder the free DNA collection kit costs €299, with or without the mother's participation. Or €750 for DNA collection in the Lab with certified identities of all participantsMake appointment.
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For other test variants
e.g., without the father
-- based on his parents' DNA,
-- or sibship (="same father?"), with the mother and 2 or more children,
cf. the products page

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